Three Rules for Finding Your Wedding Day Perfume

How much time have you spent thinking about your bridal perfume? Did you know that smell is closely tied to memory, and emotion? I distinctly remember the cologne of my first boyfriend, Thanksgiving dinner makes me feel like my Nana is still with me, and the potpourri in my hometown bookstore (where I bought all of my Harry Potter books) draws me back into the exciting addiction of turning those pages for the first time.

As a photographer, I love being part of the memory-making process; you can look back on your images indefinitely. However, after years pass you may develop a “third party” memory as if you’re an onlooker rather than the one in the frame. Scent can fill the gap and trigger the synapses that aren’t influenced by imagery. When I look at my oldest’s baby photos, I feel a bit like the whole thing happened to someone else– but when I smell a newborn, I relive those memories with every cell in my body.

Yet…. when planning a wedding, smell is often the sense that falls to the wayside. Making an all-around first impression on your groom should include a powerful, permanent link to his memory. Whenever you spritz in the future, it’ll take you both back to your wedding day.

Sound like a lot of pressure over perfume? It doesn’t have to be- in fact, it’s a lot of fun! There is no formula to a perfect fragrance, but here are a few guidelines to get you inspired. The basic “rules” I’d adhere to are:

1. Don’t Make It Too Drastic

Chances are, your fiance loves the way you smell… so if you wear florals, stay in the floral family. If you don’t wear anything, try dabbing an essential oil of choice on the nape of your neck- that way you can keep it natural yet make an impact.

2. Consider the Competition

Take your bouquet and deodorant into account. Overpowering, Oriental notes may eclipse your gardenias altogether. Sporty deoderants will clash with floral or vanilla scents.

3. Easy Does It

It doesn’t matter how amazing your perfume is if it’s too strong! For goodness sake, please, please don’t overdo it! You day is going to be crammed with huddling close to masses for portraits, hugs from well wishers, and elevated body temperatures (excitement/ dancing) that will make it even more potent. The last thing you need is to give everyone around you a headache… or to have one, yourself!

Those are my amateur- yet bride approved- guidelines for making memories with your perfume. For more about wedding day scent, click here.


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