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Personal post by the photographer, Katie Allred, owner and photographer of Persuasion Photography in Memphis, Tennessee.

Money Pit Manor: Master Bathroom Makeover

Welcome back to Money Pit Manor! This week, we’re sharing master bathroom makeover; it’s still a work in progress, so bear with us. If you’re just joining us, catch up here to see the “before” tour, and story behind buying our first home. You can also read here about the disaster that made us get…

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Turning a House Into a Home: Prayers for Your House

Here in the blog, we’ve been talking about Money Pit Manor; previously, I showed pictures of our gutted rooms after the “flood” (click here to see the house tour of our brand new home before we had our first homeowner nightmare).  This week, we’re addressing the most important question you may feel when you move…

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Money Pit Manor: The Disaster Behind the Renovations

Last week, we shared the big news about becoming home owners (click here for the grand tour of how the house looked on day one). We finally had had a lovely home of our very own… what could possibly go wrong?! We discovered that a lot can go wrong! A couple days after the movers…

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Money Pit Manor: The “Before” Home Tour of Our Country House

Welcome to our home tour! Today I won’t be providing typical content (like as wedding planning advice, or local resources). Instead, you’re invited to our country house- lovingly called “Money Pit Manor!” As an Army wife, I never invested too much in beautifying the home, because every couple years we moved. You can imagine how…

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Why: The Motivation Behind Persuasion Photography

One of the biggest questions I had to ask myself when re-branding my business was, “What do you love about your job- and why do you love it?”  Digging deeply into the motivation (or the “why” behind my business wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I felt as if I were lying on a leather…

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Personal Photos From Our Winter Wedding

Here at Persuasion Photography, we love capturing the magical romance of Christmas weddings, proposals, and engagements! Today, we’re bringing you a holiday love story with a bit of a twist…. my husband and I get to be the bride and groom this time! Ten years ago today, we exchanged candlelit vows before in a rustic…

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Why Persuasion Photography Is a Team

Why do I refer to Persuasion Photography- my business- as “we?” Recently, I was asked why I, a self-employed entrepreneur, refer to my photography business in inclusive language. Am I being puffed up, or trying to look more important than I am? I do not have anyone on a payroll (or even a payroll). Even…

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Who Is This New Wedding Photographer in Memphis?

Hello, lovely. In case we haven’t met, welcome to Persuasion Photography. Allow me to introduce myself, and a give you brief birth story of our company. We are formerly Katie Kreations Photography- my fledgling business venture that struggled along from day one of helping a friend (whose wedding photographer bailed) in 2006-moving to Memphis in…

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