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All About Tuxedos: James M. Williams Sartorial

Whether you’re a groom, or shopping for the groom, it’s important to know all about the classic tuxedo. For this topic, we’re excited to introduce a guest in the house- James Williams Sartorial! Hot on the heels of our blog series for grooms (see here for the first installment), we’re honored to host an expert in…

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A Surprise Vow Renewal in the Country

We were recently blessed by participating in a very important vow renewal. Once we heard the story behind this occasion, we immediately began praying for his job.  When we learned that we’d be documenting Gina and Phil’s vow renewal, we were ecstatic! Not only were the Little Rock, AR, couple celebrating their anniversary… it was…

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How to Choose Your Groomsmen

Today concludes our series for gentlemen; we’re discussing how to choose your groomsmen. If you read about the problems many grooms encounter (here), you’ll remember that some of these issues can be avoided altogether by being intentional when choosing with whom to stand at your wedding. Brides receive tons of helpful advice about selecting bridesmaids-…

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Things the Groom and Groomsmen Should Know for the Wedding

Welcome to day four of Gents’ Week at Persuasion(get caught up: groom’s emergency kit here, male perspective on First Look here, and tie skills here))! Today we’re addressing  important things the groom and groomsmen should know for the wedding day. One of the biggest sources of wedding day frustration seems to be- dare I say…

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All About Styled Shoots

Recently, we shared a styled shoot that served as an inspiration for lilac-hued color palettes (see that here). No doubt, you have heard the word “styled shoot” from photographers. We’ve been observing on the sidelines for sometime now while engaged couples debate about whether or not photographers are honest about their work because they only…

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Inspiration for a Lilac Purple Wedding Color Palette in Memphis

As wedding professionals, we believe in using our years of experience in the industry to serve our couples as comprehensively as possible. Sometimes that means carrying a bridal emergency kit in our gear bag, honing our tie-tying skills “just in case,” blogging to equip you with the tools for a smooth wedding journey… and sometimes…

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5 Moments You’re Forgetting on Your Shot List

Last week, we discussed how providing your photographer with a shot list can save time during family portraits. Today, we’re going into more detail about the shot list itself, and the special moments you may have forgotten. When families join, there is so much history, and emotion involved that it is easy to overlook photo…

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Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

If you have a pet who is a member of the family, you may want to find a special way to include your pet in your wedding. I was not a “pet person” until recently- somehow, one tiny kitten that I met while making a venue post, bloomed into five cats, and I adore each…

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