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Common Questions and Answers

Do you offer family portraits or other sessions?

We only accept portraits outside of our specialty if they are direct referrals from a former client. It is said that a Jack of all trades is master of none; this is why we’ve chosen to hone our craft very specifically. We want to give you the very best of ourselves!

Can I get a discount for opting out of something like engagements?

We’ve crafted our packages in a manner that will cater to your priorities. Part of what we believe, as a company, is deeply rooted in forming a relationship with our customers, and our packages are designed to reflect that core value. If there is a specific inclusion you wish to substitute we are happy to discuss customizing your service- however, discounts for opting out are not provided.

Do I travel?

Yes! We absolutely love traveling to help our sweet clients’ dreams come true. Fees vary greatly depending on distance and season, so custom packages are arranged on a couple to couple basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll arrange an estimate.

Is there a second photographer?

We’re happy to provide a second photographer when we design your wedding experience. A second photographer is included in the All-Inclusive package but may be added a la carte if you choose a different service.

How many images will I get and how will I get them?

For any session, a general rule of thumb is to expect about 30 edited images per hour of service. Galleries are delivered online 4-6 weeks after your event. Your secure gallery is optimized for online sharing, downloading low-resolution files, and has a convenient shopping cart for ordering prints and products.

Can I have the RAW images?

No. Our clients deserve the very best! Just as a chef would not present you with soupy, raw eggs instead of a dreamy soufflé, we only provide completed products. Your images are carefully curated, edited, and formatted in user-friendly jpeg.

Do I have to do the wedding day bridal boudoir?

Of course not, your modesty is completely understandable. Before you shy away, let us fill you in on what to expect. Fifteen minutes before you slip into your dress, we clear the room and take a few portraits of you in your bridal undergarments (in whatever various stage of dress is most comfortable for you). These images will not go into your general gallery, they will be delivered separately, privately, and are for you and your spouse’s eyes only.

Why "Persuasion" Photography?

This is a rather long answer, but it boils down to two reasons: the clients we serve and the stories we tell.

It all started with the world’s greatest love story- Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” This particular novel is very dear to my heart and affects how I view the world- naturally, this point of view pours into my business. Our sweet brides’ femininity, graciousness, and integrity bring the book’s characters off the page and into our core values. Like a JA heroine, they consistently persuade the world that they are worth being loved with every fiber of our being!

When I hear the word “persuasion,” I almost always associate it with some form of story-telling. What could be more persuasive than a true tale told in a beautiful manner? Narrating your love story genuinely, open-heartedly, selflessly, and lavishly is incredibly persuasive! We thrive on accurately portraying your narrative by building a bond with our clients. That way, in 20 years, when you look into the frame on a mantel, you’re always taken back over the course of the journey that first persuaded you to spend forever together.