A Real Groom’s Thoughts on First Look

Today marks history; we have a male guest blogger in the house! Stephen- a Persuasion groom- is graciously sharing his real experience with his own First Look. Last week, we chatted about five great reasons for including a First Look in your wedding day.

Couples often love the theory behind this evolving tradition; however, I’ve noticed brides tend to worry about “stealing” a special moment from the groom if they choose the First Look. Ladies (and gents), Stephen is here to give you insight from “the other side.” His poetic homage to his bride doesn’t sound like he felt in the least bit cheated or disappointed.



“… As she planned and thought through her wedding, the idea of a “first look” before the wedding appealed to her. A time of privacy where she could surprise me with the gown she had selected many months before. It would be a special moment caught on camera that she could cherish for years to come. So the morning of the wedding came, and we dressed to the nines in preparation for this event and the photographs that would soon follow.

My part in this story is somewhat more simple. I was nervous. I was excited and I was very ready to be married. Kaylee’s beauty inspires me and thrills me to no end. Consequently, you can imagine how I in my final days of singleness must have felt as I waited patiently in a forested clearing for my fiancé to grace my shoulder, asking me to turn and look at her. I was spellbound. She was so beautiful, and seeing her alone took my breath away. Don’t get me wrong, I would have had the same light-headed feeling at the altar, but this. This was something special. She wanted me to see her first, and it was a wonderful gift.

Ladies, for those of you who are considering a “first look” photography shoot, I would be hiding the truth from you if I did not communicate how precious this moment was for me (and still is as I look back through our wedding album.) It may be considered unconventional, but if you think your man would appreciate the gesture (and if you want to get a good look at his face when he sees you for the first time), I say go for it. You will not regret it.


P.S. Go ahead and take most of your family and wedding party pictures beforehand too. Standing up in front of all those people is hard work, and weddings can make a man mighty hungry.”

Thank you, Steve! The last line about being “mighty hungry” is my favorite. Did hearing a guy’s take on First Look help you feel informed about whether or not this is for you? If you chose to do a First Look, please comment below (or on our Facebook page) to tell everyone about your experience- the more points of view, the better!


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