Interview with Memphis Floral Designer: Heaslett Design Studio

We love using our years of experience in the wedding industry to help our couples as comprehensively as possible, even if it’s not photography related. One way we do this is by introducing you to some of our favorite local vendors. Today, you’re meeting Memphis floral designer, Anne-Marie of Heaslett Design Studio. A sample of her breathtaking work was featured last week in our lilac inspiration shoot. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably discovered that forming a good relationship with your vendors is every bit as important as loving their work! The first step in that process is getting acquainted, so without further ado, we present the lovely Anne-Marie Heaslett:


How did you become a Floral Designer?

I went to college for Interior Design. After college I moved back home and started bartending. I decided that I would like to go to a Basic Design course at The Center for Floral Studies in West Palm Beach, FL. When I got back from my course my best friend asked if I would do her wedding. I started doing weddings here and there for friends, church members, etc.

What are some of your career highlights?

I have been a floral designer since 2008. I received my Basic Design Certificate from John Klingel at The Center for Floral Studies in West Palm Beach, FL. I have my own business and enjoy freelancing for several large design companies all over the country. It’s super fun to go and freelance for another company! Getting to work with other designers and be a part of very large scale weddings is thrilling and I am always learning new things.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Manual Labor. There is lots of it in being a floral designer.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is seeing how happy my clients are with the results of our combined visions.

What are your inspiration sources?

Nature and art are pretty much my inspiration sources. I also love working with my talented friends in the floral business because we all share ideas and the best design mechanics.

Most common wedding day mistake you encounter?

Bride not having a coordinator. People think they can be their own coordinator or have the maid of honor do it or throw it on the vendors that they have hired. It’s not fun for anyone that isn’t hired for that position. You need a coordinator!

Pro advice for wedding day?

Hire a videographer! You will forget your entire ceremony.

Favorite current trend for brides?

Natural flowing bouquets

What is your dream assignment?

Beach Weddings

What is your own dream wedding/ renewal?

I would love a renewal service on the beach just the two of us.

Beach or mountains?


Movies or books?


Cookie or cupcake?


Hogwarts house?

YES. All 4.


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