How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring

In case you didn’t know, ‘tis the season for mistletoe, the romantic glow of a Christmas tree… and engagements galore! It really is the most wonderful time of the year- unless you are stressed over how to pick the right engagement ring! Yes, gentlemen, this one’s for you (ladies, send him a link and a hint!). Not only are you asking the biggest question of your life, you have to worry about making a permanent fashion choice for your loved one- and trying to keep it a secret. Fear not, we’ve gathered some inspiration from Blue Nile with a guide on how to pick the right engagement ring.

Here is Blue Niles’s questionnaire, and our favorite tips on how to pick the right engagement ring:

1. Ask her mom or bestie.

When looking for the right engagement ring, it’s probably easiest to go directly to someone who knows her best. Does she tell everything to her mom, sister, or best friend? There’s a good chance she’s been sharing her ring dreams with her closest confidants, and they’ll be a bountiful source of information for you.

2. Look at the jewelry she already has.

Either take note of the pieces she wears most often, or peek at her jewelry box. Does she choose yellow gold, rose gold, or silver tones? Does she prefer simple, ornate, modern, or vintage looks? A sure way to gain insight into her taste it to browse her Pinterest boards– let’s be real, every lady has one!

3. Trace the perfect fit.

Once you feel comfortable about her taste and style, how do you choose the right ring size without giving away your secret? One of our favorite tips is to trace a ring she already has. Bring this paper on your shopping trip to insure a good fit.

4. Know the 4Cs

When it comes to finding the right diamond, you’ll need to brush up on the 4 Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat. Below is a wonderful guide here that will equip you for your trip to the jeweler! You may wish to discuss these criteria with your “spy” from tip number one to see which of the Cs is most important to her.

Bonus Tip:

Proposal stories are so much fun to tell! However, it’s even more fun when you have images that bring the memories to life! You may plan the most gorgeous proposal in the world, and find her dream ring- but in the end, you know she’ll want to share pictures! Consider bringing another secret accomplice into the proposal: a professional photographer. We’re skilled at discretion, and capturing important moments without interfering. Hiring a photographer will just elevate the proposal experience even more- and help both of you reflect and recall the event more clearly.


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