A Surprise Vow Renewal in the Country

We were recently blessed by participating in a very important vow renewal. Once we heard the story behind this occasion, we immediately began praying for his job.  When we learned that we’d be documenting Gina and Phil’s vow renewal, we were ecstatic! Not only were the Little Rock, AR, couple celebrating their anniversary… it was a surprise for Gina!  Her wonderful husband, family, and friends planned the ultimate anniversary surprise for their beloved lady.

Not only was this an anniversary gift from Phil to his forever bride, it was a celebration for Gina and her victories. Since May, she has been battling a very rare form of cancer. This was the perfect opportunity to lavish Gina with the love, support, and joy she deserved.

Phil enlisted family, and friends to create this memory. One of their friends, a former event coordinator, sourced vendors, and donated her home as a venue. Her beautifully renovated barn was the ideal space for this occasion. Many loving hands collaborated on the charming decorations and homemade touches.


It was a joy to see all the talent that showed up to honor Gina! We met Wallace Videography through the course of the day, and enjoyed the delicious catering from The Pasta Grill.

If you read this post about our purpose and mission, you’ll see that we deeply believe in using our passion to bless others, show Christ’s love, and contribute to the strengthening of relationships and families. Being part of Gina and Phil’s touching vow renewal was an absolute dream come true for us!


Please join us in keeping the Flake family in your prayers, their battle is ongoing.

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