Make a Lasting Impression With Your Bridal Perfume

How would you tell someone about yourself if you couldn’t speak, they couldn’t see you, and you couldn’t touch? What if we could only communicate through scent…. what would you want others to know about you on your wedding day? Those are just some fun questions to help you “sniff out” your bridal fragrance and make a lasting impression with your bridal perfume.

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Last week, I gave you three valuable rules to help narrow down your search, and why you should even have a bridal fragrance in the first place . Quick recap, it’s all about the powerful connection between smell, memory, and emotion. For example, Thanksgiving casseroles bring me back to my grandmother’s table, and the excitement of seeing cousins during the holiday. Because smell plays such an integral role in our memories, don’t forget to find your own signature, wedding scent that will bring you both back when you wear it in the future.

Go shopping with a friend, and be sure to get samples before buying anything!! You got to know your fiance, and discover his character before saying “yes,” you need to do the same thing with your perfume. Wear it, see how it changes throughout the day, and judge if it’s a Darcy or Wickham…. or heaven forbid- a Mr. Collins!

Click here if you want to go back and read the three guidelines for your own fragrance quest. Here are my four, favorite perfumes…. and how my husband knows what kind of day it’ll be based on what I’m wearing.

Angel Thierry Mugler (my Wedding Day Perfume)

This was my wedding day fragrance. We had a Christmas wedding, so I tend to wear it around the same time of year- I’m more than a little sentimental. Sean knows I’m feeling nostalgic when I spritz this.

Victoria’s Secret 55

This is my sexy, powerful, “wild” potion. Sadly, it’s no longer made, so I guard with like the precious treasure it is! I swear this stuff is magic in a bottle; men always compliment me when I wear it (whether I know them or not). This is my go-to for date night with my husband!

Estee Lauder Pleasures: Bloom

Here we see a clear correlation between memory and scent. Bloom was the first “pretty” thing I bought for myself after my second child was born. I was blue, tired, covered in baby vomit, and feeling paunchy. For my first outing, I went with some other ladies to see a fluffy, teen movie. Now, whenever I wear it, I feel giggly, totally girly, and I have shirtless Taylor Lautner flashbacks. Sean knows to expect a lot of silliness when this one comes out of the cabinet.


If soulmates came in bottles, mine would be Chloe! I wish I’d found her before my wedding day! I feel like this scent represents everything about who I am- or want to be. It’s purely floral without being heavy- like old fashioned roses. Somehow it’s classy like a calf-skin briefcase, sexy like nude stilettos, and quiet like catching a whiff of flowers outside my window. Like a good marriage, the longer I’m in it, the more I love it. Whenever I wear this, my husband knows I’m feeling put together, feminine, romantic, and pretty.



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