Money Pit Manor: Master Bathroom Makeover

Welcome back to Money Pit Manor! This week, we’re sharing master bathroom makeover; it’s still a work in progress, so bear with us. If you’re just joining us, catch up here to see the “before” tour, and story behind buying our first home. You can also read here about the disaster that made us get a jump start on renovations to our country house.

After the “great geyser of 2016,” eight rooms had to be gutted and rebuilt. Since the source of damage came from the master bathroom, that is where we will begin our before/ after peeks. If you want to see the room in all its demolition glory, click here. After the new dry wall went up, I used a pencil to write Bible verses and prayers; I wanted the very layers of this home to reflect that we dedicated our home to the Lord (more about that here). Since we’d just moved in, I had no attachment to the previous décor and I was thrilled to let our insurance company fund a bathroom makeover! …. Let the fun begin!


1. Paint

First, the walls needed paint! If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love all things mermaid! For our bathroom makeover, I knew I wanted to pursue this theme; it’s the only room private enough for me to indulge my childish fancy. After agonizing over a billion paint swatches, I final settled on Tranquility by Sherwin Williams (183); it’s the perfect, blurred line between blue and green. Every time I step into the bathroom, I am happy about the choice all over again!


2. Tile

Choosing tile was the next step in our bathroom makeover. As a creative, it’s very difficult for me to commit to design decisions- even in my professional life. Tom, our “tile guy,” was very helpful; so helpful, in fact, that I applied his method to how I edit my images- it’s been life changing! So, I’ll share with you how to narrow down your choices without stress: shop for only what you are willing to clean, stay in your budget, don’t agonize of tiny differences between the choices, and once you eliminate one get rid of it forever and don’t look at it again- period. Knowing that I wanted white and classic, I brought down the selections within my range, and removed my shoes to feel them beneath my toes (if that’s gross- oh well! It’s important to me). Soon, I’d found “the one.”


3. Illusion

Since our bathroom is relatively narrow, we created the illusion of depth by choosing large tile, a linear layout, monochromatic grout, and we kept the same tile on the floor and shower. We absolutely adore the end result! Eventually, we will install glass to showcase the shower tile- but until then, we’re making do with a Wal-Mart shower curtain.


4. Decor

Finally, it was time to hang my mermaid, adopt a plant, and put my apothecary jars back on the counter. As a side not, these jars are left over from a Harry Potter party in which these served as containers at Honeyduke’s, and I made the soap.


5. The Future

Like I said, our master bathroom makeover is a work in progress., Someday, we’ll add glass to the shower, change the mirror frame, and add a watercolor of a mermaid on the far wall. However, owning a fixer-upper like Money Pit Manor has taught me the importance of contentment and patience!

If you have ideas for our master bathroom makeover, or would like to share renovation stories of your own, please leave a comment to tell us! Thank you for joining us at “The Manor!”

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