Crystal and Hector’s Engagement Session

Today we bring you Hector and Crystal’s engagement session. Crystal was the winner of this fall’s Instagram giveaway for an engagement session. This sweet couple- and their two pups- recently moved to Memphis.  Since they are newcomers to the city, and haven’t had much time to establish “special places,” we agreed upon the lovely Brooks Museum as a backdrop. (For more about “special places,” click here to see an engagement session with significant settings).

Hector and Crystal were such a joy to meet, we couldn’t have been happier that she entered the giveaway! Not only are they the nicest duo you’ll meet, they were a dream to photograph. We like to create moments- set the stage for a couple to be themselves- rather than force posing. They responded beautifully to direction, relaxed into each other, and trusted us. As a result, Hector and Crystal’s grandchildren will look at these pictures and say things like, “She still smiles at him just like this,” and “He still holds her like that when no one’s looking!” It’s important to help people still be themselves in the face of a big, scary lens, which is why we take client interaction and comfort so seriously. Let us share an insight into building that sense of meaningfulness.

Setting the Stage

When we’re planning a couple’s engagement session, we always like to ask if there are meaningful places they’d like to incorporate. If they don’t have requests, we move on to the next logical question: are you city people or do you prefer the country? This helps us decide whether to use architecture, or landscape to set the scene. Regardless of their decision, we usually choose a neutral backdrop- through color and/ or focus- so that attention is centered on the couple and their story.

Dress for Success

Believe it or not, even helping clients prepare their wardrobe builds on that foundation of comfort. First, we advise that the couple think about where they want to display their images, and consider the color scheme of that room. Choose a classic color from that room, and build your palette on it- this way, your framed moments will slip harmoniously into your home. Next, and more importantly, we encourage people to select clothes that will give their hands something to do. For instance, women shine with a flowy skirt to twirl; men benefit by having pockets. Hair is also an easy way to give nervous hands a task. (This engagement session exemplifies the use of all three). She can run her fingers through it, he can brush a strand lovingly behind her ear-not only do we have a tender moment, but we also avoid the dreaded “Ricky Bobby syndrome.”

Regardless of place or clothing, we truly do our best to cultivate rapport with our couples, and put them at ease. We believe in preserving these moments for future generations, therefore the interaction we capture must be a truthful reflection of our clients. Hector and Crystal did an amazing job trusting our guidance, and we will be forever grateful they let us into their journey for a moment! Thank you, and HUGE congratulations, Hector and Crystal!



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