Vendor Spotlight: EH Blooms

If you’ve visited our blog before, you know that we believe in using our industry expertise to help you however we can- from budget advice, and venue tours, to inspiration shoots, and local vendor interviews.  Today, we’re sharing a little about one of our favorite “friendors” (vendor friends), Memphis floral designer, EH Blooms. Elizabeth Harville is the lovely face behind the stunning floral creations of EH Blooms. In addition to her creative business, her family also owns Harville Farms – their garlic is a local, farmer’s market must-have! She may be a local, Memphis floral designer, but her talent has led to being published with us multiple times (see our international publication here) Without further ado, we are pleased to present Elizabeth!

Elizabeth putting the finishing touches on the bridal bouquet

How did you become a floral designer?

I quit my day job because I eventually didn’t have the freedom to balance in all the things that come with working full time in the industry I was in AND being a mom to three. I had a secret Pinterest board with all kinds of flower designs that inspired me and a dream to create those for others. I also had an idea for a flower subscription service. When I quit my job and still needed to support my family a few friends and family who knew about my dream gave me a little push and I jumped! It has snowballed from just a couple monthly subscribers to a full calendar of subscriptions, special orders, and weddings/events! I am definitely in my sweet spot and love creating with flowers!

How long have you been a floral designer, and what kinds of training/ certification/ career highlights have you had?

I have been doing my own thing around my house and for friends for years but I have officially been “EH Blooms” since fall of 2016. I am self taught and am currently trying new things, taking advantage of online resources, and spending time with other floral designers to continue to grow and learn!

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Definitely the physical toll it takes to pull off a large event. There’s lots of heavy lifting, hauling, climbing, and hustling. All of that comes after 2-3 days of typically working many hours designing and being on your feet getting everything just right for the big event.

What’s the best part of your job?

Definitely seeing people moved by the beauty that flowers and floral designs can bring!  When people see beauty in flowers through something I have designed it gives me the best rush!

Inspiration source(s) (art, nature, public figures etc)?

I am very inspired by nature, color, culinary creations, and architecture/interior design.

Bridal tip to avoid looking dated in 10 years?

I am probably going to catch crap for this but I encourage brides to add in the things they love. Unique, trendy, whatever you are excited by that expresses you. It is a day where you will look back and see who you were then and how you have grown and changed. Donut walls are trendy and fun. If you want donuts, do it! You may look back and laugh but you won’t regret not having a donut wall when it was the fun thing to do! I say when you look dated it’s because you were unique and I love a unique bride!

Most common wedding day mistake you encounter?

Other than trying to do your own flowers (I was guilty of this), not having a coordinator to run the show the few days before and the day of your wedding. You want to be present and taking either of these things on will take your focus off of enjoying the special time right before the big day!

Pro advice for wedding day?

Hire who you trust and then trust who you hire to carry everything out the way they know best!

Favorite current trend for brides?

I love that it’s okay for brides to be different and non-traditional. It is so acceptable these days for a bride and groom to infuse their wedding day with so many unique and special touches.

What is your dream assignment?

ANY with creative freedom!

What is your own dream wedding/ renewal?

I would love to pick out another beautiful dress, design (but not execute) lots of gorgeous flower arrangements, and have an outdoor spring or fall romantic garden wedding. I love to celebrate so throwing an epic party for our close friends and family would be the best part!

Beach or mountains?

I will take any vacation but I long for the beach.

Movies or books?


Cookie or cupcake?


Hogwarts house?

Don’t hate me, I have no idea what this means.


We hope you have enjoyed getting to know this Memphis floral designer a little better. Elizabeth truly is a rare talent with an irresistible style! If you want to meet more vendors, links to our other interviews are below:

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