An Interview with Professional Makeup Artist, Theresa Little

Whether it’s your wedding day, an engagement session, boudoir shoot, or anniversary portraits, you should absolutely hire a professional makeup artist! Investing a very small portion of your budget in their expertise will greatly elevate your experience; in fact, we always recommend our clients hire a pro before a session. No matter how gorgeous an image is, or how perfect the light is- if you don’t like how you look in the image, you probably won’t want to frame it over your fireplace!

As we’ve mentioned before, part of serving our clients fully is providing them with insider knowledge. Just like this interview with one of Memphis’s best florists, today we’re introducing you to one of our favorite professional makeup artists, Theresa Little. So keep reading to get to know Theresa, and benefit from her insider tips and advice!

How did you become a Professional Makeup Artist?

My first calling was during my last year in high school. Growing up I was kinda tomboyish, I had short hair, hangs out only with boys, I was into karate etch. You name it i did them all. You would never imagine ill end up in this field. One day my favorite teacher asked me if I can shape her eyebrows. She said she liked how I arched mine, so without hesitation I did what she asked and the end result also surprised me.  Since then I started paying attention on magazine covers, reading articles about makeup and it turned into an obsession.  ______?

How long have you been a makeup artist for 14 years, and what kinds of training/ certification/ career highlights have you had?

During my first year of college in the Philippines. I was taking up classes to become a Nurse. But I was able to fit certain days in the morning to attend classes at Ricky Reyes Institute since they offer Basic Makeup Application classes. I found both career very interesting and so I have manage to balance both at the same time.  When I arrived in the US I got offered to work for MAC cosmetic company and for about 3 years I have dedicated my life working at the counter until I pursued my own business and left the company for good. I have ventured on the wedding and film industry. Some of work garnered front page mostly on bridal magazines, I also had the opportunity to see my work at Time Square and Vogue online.  Film opportunity came when the local News Channel 3 needed my services. It opened doors for me to work with TV shows featuring the Investigation Discovery and a few local commercials like the Norfolk International Airport and Virginia Beach Tourism.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

One thing people always assumed that being in this industry is always glamorous. What they don’t see is the behind the scenes. To coordinate with the talents, Photographers, Sponsors, Write contracts, revised contracts over and over again. To me that is the hardest part of my job. Other than that I love what I do. As long as my clients find my work pleasing. By the end of the day I can come home proud that I have accomplished something good.

What’s the best part of your job?

When I see my clients happy and satisfied with my work specially When I know I made a difference on that persons self esteem.  To me that is the best part of my job.

Inspiration source(s) (art, nature, public figures etc)?

I would say my biggest inspiration would be my older sister. She is in a different field but she works as an Animator. Her artistry is expressed with her drawings. But the similarity comes from our creativity.  The second person that is my inspiration was the late Kevin Aucoin. When I got hold of his book at a second hand store. Till this day, I still cherish and delicately scroll through each page because his book encourage me to chase my dreams. He wrote his hardships and triumphs.  The up and downs of the business and plenty of beauty tips that everyone is now obsessed with which is “contouring”. I honestly think Kevin Aucoin was the original Contour King!.

Bridal tip to avoid looking dated in 10 years?

I suggest to avoid Following trends. The key is you want to look at those bridal pictures without regrets. Stay with classic looks. They are timeless!.

Most common wedding day mistake you encounter?

Mostly Bridemaids or parents are the reason why the bride is often late. A great example: A small smudge of mascara or lip liner. I feel like they over see things too much. When in most cases other people can’t really see it unless you point at it or use a magnifying glass.

Pro advice for wedding day?

Drink tea and relax! The time passes by so fast that you don’t realize the wedding is over.  Learn to breath and enjoy the moment. Expect certain incidents that might occur. I highly suggest to LET IT GO! At this point there is nothing you can do. I always tell them that what matters most is the time you walk down that aisle and you see your love ones smiling telling you how beautiful you are and most importantly your man is standing at that altar waiting for you. Create good memories that’s what matters the most.

Favorite current trend for brides?

Airbrush application has been my favorite trend.

What is your dream assignment?

I would say a destination wedding. Although I had clients that flew me to Virginia Beach a couple of times already but it would be nice if it’s somewhere in the Bahamas or bora-bora. I love the sound of the ocean and that’s the place Im the most happiest so I wouldn’t consider destination wedding as work. A girl can dream!.

What is your own dream wedding/ renewal?

I have always pictured myself renewing our vows one day on a secluded island with our closest friends and family. Preferably less than 20 people.  This way we can really enjoy each others company.  I would love to wear a Vera Wang dress since her style is simple but very elegant. Im also determined to add something that showcases my culture. My husband and my son  will be wearing an embroidered formal shirt and considered the national dress of the Philippines which is called Barong. To me it is important to add small details from each others culture that makes the union complete.

Beach or mountains?

100% beach. Hearing the waves and the wind blowing my hair is very relaxing.

Movies or books?

Movies. Its very rare I get the chance to finish a book due to my schedule.

Cookie or cupcake?


Hogwarts house?


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