Interview with Wedding Coordinator: Emma Cockerham

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the lovely face behind Infinity Events– one of the best event coordinators/ wedding planners in Memphis! (Click here to see an inspiration shoot she styled for us!) Based on all the engagement announcements we’re seeing on social media, the timing for you to meet Emma Cockerham is perfect. In the past, we’ve interviewed other vendors (floral designers, hair stylists, and makeup artists). We want to help you get to know some of the professionals in the Memphis wedding industry.

Memphis wedding coordinator, Infinity Events.
How did you become a Wedding Planner?

After graduating from University of Memphis with a Business and Marketing degree, I began working in the hospitality industry. I started at a front desk and soon moved through the Sales & Catering department working in Guest Services and then in Corporate Event Planning. My husband and I had started a Supper Club with some of our friends from college in order to make a point to get together about once a month. Through this group, we got to know a newly engaged couple very well and would talk about their journey through wedding planning. After many conversations about vendors, colors and themes, this couple asked me why I didn’t plan weddings. I told them all of the reasons why I hadn’t attempted to start a business, but, after a while, I admitted that being my own boss and planning weddings would be my dream career choice. Their persistence and faith in me is how Infinity Events began. We are still very close friends (even our 1 year olds have play dates together), and I owe them everything for pushing me towards accomplishing my dream.

How long have you been a Wedding Planner, and what kinds of training/ certification/ career highlights have you had?

Since it’s conception 3.5 years ago, Infinity Events has grown significantly. I hired Mandy Martin as my assistant about two years ago, and she has since been taking on her own couples as well. She and I both became Certified Wedding Planners in August of 2018 through The Bridal Society;

What’s the hardest part of your job?

It’s funny when someone asks me this. I go through in my head the challenges that we face day to day, and try to pin-point the hardest part. The reality is that working in wedding planning can be super stressful, but when you find your passion in life, is it really work? I love what I do, and even when I face challenges, I come out the other side exhilarated and full of joy. With that being said, and to answer your question, I think that the hardest part is being able to shift through a couple’s vision and be able to give them their dream. Learning to work within parental and budgetary constraints while doing this is a challenge with every couple. In the end, it is worth the heartache to help them create magic!  

What’s the best part of your job?

Honestly, I don’t think I could give just one! I have three! First, I love the relationships that I have the opportunity to build with my couples. We consider that a HUGE part of the Infinity Events client experience because we don’t see clients as just clients, they become our friends. I am always so bummed after the wedding is over because we won’t get to hang out quite as much! Second, literally there is nothing better than when your vision and hard work comes to life on the day of the wedding. I get so excited and emotional when it looks the way I hoped it would, and I love to love on my vendors for making it happen for the couple! Third, we love love! The planners and coordinators who work with Infinity Events all have this in common. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of each and every love story. It is a weird wedding that I don’t get teary-eyed at least once because I get to be a witness to so much ooey-gooey, perfect love!

Inspiration source(s) (art, nature, public figures etc)?

First and foremost, my husband’s undying support of me and my following my dream is a huge motivation and inspiration every single day. He is my partner in life and a wonderful daddy to our son. Secondly, my mother coordinated my wedding, as well as helped me plan the whole thing. It was a beautiful day and so many of the principles that Infinity Events is based on stemmed from her and how she made it perfect for me. In the thick of things however, my inspiration definitely comes from the hearts of my couples. I love that with each new couple comes a new vision, personality and love story. It makes every project new and fun!

Bridal tip to avoid looking dated in 10 years?

Instead of only thinking trendy or budget-friendly, instead shift your paradigm to individuality. If there are touches or details within your wedding that make guests say, “only they would do that,” then you’ve won! Something that is a depiction of your personality as a couple is never wrong. In 10 years, if you’re no longer into that, it’s a memory of how the two of you were when you tied the knot, rather than trends that are out of style.

Most common wedding day mistake you encounter?

RSVP management is something that I believe is overlooked and undervalued so often. The couple then ends up over-paying or severely under-providing for their guests. Don’t worry! In 2/3 of our packages, we help you by taking your RSVP management off your plate!

Pro advice for wedding day?

At the very least, hire a professional Coordinator! Our job on the day of the wedding, besides vendor and timeline management, is to find the fires and put them out before they ever reach the client’s ears or affect anything about the wedding. If it isn’t your coordinator, it will almost always get to the couple and stress them out. Our goal is for our couples to have a stress-free wedding day that they will actually remember. We strive to make every client’s wedding day experience timeless, memorable and infinite.

Favorite current trend for brides?

I am so digging the geometric shapes for wedding décor. I love seeing the creative ways folks are using this trend, and am so not ready for it to go out of style!

What is your dream assignment?

My dream assignment would be to fully plan an entire wedding weekend without strict budgetary constraints. I would love to have the opportunity to be 100% creative and put into reality a dreamy weekend escape for the couple and their guests!

What is your own dream wedding/ renewal?

I would LOVE to have a vow renewal with my husband knowing what I do now! There are so many incredible venues and vendors that would make this event so dreamy, but some details I wouldn’t spare on the expense this time around are: swoon-worthy flowers, an incredible DJ, fabulous food presentation and full place settings.

Beach or mountains?

Beach all the way!

Movies or books?

Honestly, I go through phases. But there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book.

Cookie or cupcake?

Cupcake! Muddy’s… please and thank you!

Hogwarts house?

Always ☺ I would love for a potter fan to allow me to plan a HP wedding! Trust me, we will help you keep it classy and still make it EPIC!

Memphis wedding coordinator Emma Cockerham of Infinity Events.


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