Tuscan Ridge Wedding Venue

We are so excited that a beautiful, new venue is coming to town! Tuscan Ridge is refreshingly different, bringing much-needed, European charm to our corner of the world. The villa is nestled amid 200 acres of rolling pastures, and boasts breathtaking sunset views. Keep scrolling to take a mini-tour of Tuscan Ridge. First, here is a quick list of reasons to love this escape: 

Reasons to love Tuscan Ridge

  • Valet parking included
  • A plethora of ceremony site options (some included below)
  • Honeymoon suite included
  • Groom’s room is detached from the main building, so there’s little worry about seeing the bride before First Look.
  • The site is yours for sixteen hours. Glorious breathing room in your schedule! 
  • The bride’s suite!! (See below)
As you can see, the architecture is blissfully unique in the Memphis wedding market. If you crave a destination wedding, but want more of your loved ones to be present, Tuscan Ridge is a fantastic way to have your (wedding) cake and eat it too! 

The gorgeous floor tiles, wood, carved ceilings, and chandeliers are all imported from Italy. Tuscan Ridge was a private residence before becoming a venue; apparently the owner was from Italy and wanted a piece of home.

Here is the delectable bride’s suite! The warm walls, and abundance of natural light make this room a photographer’s dream for swoon-worthy bridal portraits (for tips on how to achieve the best bridal/ getting ready moments, check here). Not to worry, discreet shades can be drawn for privacy. In addition to its beauty, Tuscan Ridge has one of the most functional bride rooms I’ve ever seen (hooks, outlets, mirrors, and racks galore). 

Not only are there many options for ceremony, but there are plenty of cocktail spaces too. Here are a few:

Imagine how perfect this courtyard would be for a First Look! As a matter of interest, the groom’s room and honeymoon suite belong to the doors on the right. 

We hope you decide to visit this venue and see its elegance for yourself! Welcome to Memphis, Tuscan Ridge! We love you already. 

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