Miranda Marie Bridal Boutique

Welcome to another of our resource posts in which we offer professional tips, and explore local vendors. Today, we’re paying a visit to Miranda Marie Bridal– the most charming boutique in the city! Nestled in the historic district of Olive Branch, you are convenient to Memphis, yet enjoy the quaint charm of this Southern gem. The tone is set before you even open the door. Miranda is the warmest of hostesses, and will make you feel like beloved royalty! Her goal is to provide the couture salon experience to every bride- whether or not she is making a couture investment. She shared stories of how she has traveled to other cities for the bridal gown experience, and watched her friends receive lesser treatment because their budget priorities lie elsewhere. Miranda wanted to change this problem, and has done so with her gorgeous, intimate shop!

The boutique’s decor reflects the owner’s mission: an elegant, bridal atmosphere in a loving, relaxed environment. That “something blue” seating is for brides to bring close loved ones along for the milestone. Clients enjoy two hours of having the store all to themselves! Appointments demonstrate another stand-out trait of the experience- most boutiques offer one hour slots.


Gowns are thoughtfully selected and curated each season. Some of her designers include: Kenneth Winston, Moonlight Bridal, and Ashley and Justin. Our favorite aspect of their lines is that their designers are exclusive to the boutique, and will not be shown in other shops within a certain radius of Miranda’s. Her brides can rest assured that they will not see their gown at anyone else’s wedding!


Here is a peek at the spacious dressing room, and showing area where the magic happens.


Even the bathroom is a beautiful treat!


A Summary of Why You’ll Love Miranda Marie Bridal:

  • A luxury couture experience regardless of your price tag.
  • 2 hour appointments.
  • Exclusive designers
  • Miranda’s heartfelt love for the brides who enter her shop.
  • Bonus: The quaint Olive Branch square will make a perfect ladies’ day of antiquing, pampering, and specialty restaurants and coffee shops.

We hope you’ve fallen in love with Miranda Marie Bridal as much as we have! Explore our visits to two other Memphis bridal experiences, at The Barefoot Bride, and Maggie Louise. If you’re still trying to decide which kind of dresses you want to try on, check out our guide to selecting the right wedding dress for your venue (skip to the bullet points at the end if you’re in a hurry).

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