Money Pit Manor: The Disaster Behind the Renovations

Last week, we shared the big news about becoming home owners (click here for the grand tour of how the house looked on day one). We finally had had a lovely home of our very own… what could possibly go wrong?! We discovered that a lot can go wrong!

A couple days after the movers delivered our goods, we faced our first home owner hurdle. In the middle of the night, I heard something like a powerful waterfall… coming from the master bathroom. Sean and I we stared at each other in horror, then leapt out of bed. We splashed ankle deep into the bathroom and saw a geyser spouting from the supply line to the toilet. Somehow Sean wrestled the line into submission, while I bailed water into the shower drain.

Not only had the bathroom suffered, the kitchen and office ceilings had collapsed under the weight of the water, and there were streams running down the walls into a nice wading pond that was formerly our downstairs. There was no maintenance man to call, no landlord, no grownups who could help us- because we were the grownups! Once we came to this realization, Sean contacted our insurance, and within an hour, a crew arrived with hoses, dehumidifiers, and the biggest fans I’d ever seen. After a day of sledgehammering, tearing, and banging, we were informed that eight rooms had sustained extensive damage and basically needed to be gutted.

The silver lining in this home owner storm? Not a single one of our personal items was damaged! What a beautiful testament of God’s protection and provision. One painful deductible later, we were able to start converting our dreams for the house into reality; this was the beginning of renovating Money Pit Manor!



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