Who Is This New Wedding Photographer in Memphis?

Hello, lovely. In case we haven’t met, welcome to Persuasion Photography. Allow me to introduce myself, and a give you brief birth story of our company. We are formerly Katie Kreations Photography- my fledgling business venture that struggled along from day one of helping a friend (whose wedding photographer bailed) in 2006-moving to Memphis in 2016. You may think I’m a glutton for punishment. After ten years of running around in an unprofitable business, why did I not stick to my guns when I closed my doors last year? Why am I choosing to rebrand instead of chalking it up as a life lesson and moving on? Come with me, and I’ll tell you.

Much like my favorite love story, “Persuasion,” this is a tale about timing and personal growth. Anne and Frederick didn’t work out the first time- not just because of an interfering relative- but because the timing wasn’t right. Once they lived a little, and grew into themselves, their reunion was rock solid. When I started photography, I had to learn everything the hard way. I was insecure, and I felt the need to conform to what other “successful” photographers in my area were doing.

Have you heard the expression, “No one can be you better than you?” I had to figure out who that “you” was inside the heart of my business, and be confident about the answer. Remember how ten zillion wizardry, YA novels hit the market after Harry Potter hit the scene? Aside from her obvious story-telling and character developing skills, J.K. Rowling was an original. Someone has to be the first to pave a path… which means that someone has to run the risk of being genuine.

Toward the end of KKP, I knew what I wanted and the steps I needed to take to make it happen, but I had to backtrack through the snarled maze of my career path. Sometimes being a quitter isn’t a bad thing; it gave me clarity. I’ve truly honed in on my niche…. But more importantly, I’ve unearthed the values and deeper reasons that are the driving force behind my signature style.

Persuasion Photography is my “Sorcerer’s Stone.” Some people will love it, some will hate it- but it’s an original and I can better serve my wonderful clients since I’m coming from a place that is 100% genuine and defined.

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