Why Persuasion Photography Is a Team

Why do I refer to Persuasion Photography- my business- as “we?” Recently, I was asked why I, a self-employed entrepreneur, refer to my photography business in inclusive language. Am I being puffed up, or trying to look more important than I am? I do not have anyone on a payroll (or even a payroll). Even though I sometimes feel alone-especially since we’re pretty new to Memphis- and people may only see me as the face of my brand, running this business is still a team effort! Our team is:

My husband

He’s basically a silent partner because he finances my monthly bills like editing software. He makes it possible for me to go to meetings, sessions, and weddings without having to outsource childcare. He also has the daunting task of being my sounding board when I’m on an emotional roller-coaster about something in my professional life.

My daughter

She is mature enough now to take on more duties around the house. I can confidently delegate dishes, laundry, help with her siblings, and the packing of lunches that were all previously up to me.

My parents and in-laws

My parents and in-laws are basically patrons (maybe even patron saints, haha). They’ve gifted me with so many equipment and business needs… not to mention, the childcare is amazing!!!! Their generosity has literally brought me to tears! My parents surprised me with one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever received… the camera of my dreams! One season I had commercial liability insurance covered, they’ve bestowed storage programs for the  many terabytes it takes to preserve high resolution files. My mother-in-law is a wonderfully skilled CPA with her own firm- she always takes care of our taxes, bookkeeping, and advisement. The relief alone is worth its weight in gold because I HATE and thoroughly cannot comprehend mathematical thinking!! My brain just doesn’t work that way. Labor investment aside, that kind of service is very costly, and she graciously gives it to us!

My Mentor

Oh, my gosh! I dread to imagine where both my professional and personal life would be without my fairy-godmother, Meredith! Meredith Ryncarz wears a plethora of hats, but her most magical one is her service through The Restart Specialist. She truly is a specialist in her field of helping creative businesses thrive despite the challenge of frequent relocation (military wife fist-bump). When we moved to Memphis, she kept my chin up. She has the superpower to hear my problem, and be the most empowering, grounding, identity building force that has ever happened to my career!

My Benefactors

I can’t even put words to paper- I continue to be so overwhelmed by the anonymous blessings that have made Persuasion Photography a reality. After I  knew that I had a clear vision of my next venture, an incredibly generous group of people who believed in me gave me a much-needed boost into the saddle. Thank you a million times over!

My focus group

I have a select group of individuals who have either been an ideal client, or most closely resemble her. They share a common connection of values, ideals, dreams, style, taste, tradition, and experience that my brand is built to attract. Without their generous feedback, suggestions, help, and time I wouldn’t be able to provide content that is relevant and valuable to my readers. They are life savers!!

Friends/ fellow business owners

Where would I be without this wonderful community?! We help each other solve problems, provide resources, refer work to each other, employ each other, act as influencers on social media…. I could go on and on!

My cats

Ok, fine… they’re not helpful in any sense whatsoever, but they’re cute and they snuggle with me during long office hours!

The Maker of All Good and Perfect Gifts

Most importantly, no matter what shoes I’m wearing (mom, wife, friend, daughter, photographer, writer, etc) I’m never alone and I’m never the team member who bears the most responsibility. Every creative endeavor we are gifted is merely just a tiny glimpse at His incomprehensible, stunning creativity. As an awkward, anxious person, I know it’s only God who is giving me the strength I need to meet new people, put put aside my fears during first consultations with clients, and not give in to my selfish insecurities. He cares enough about me enough to change entire weather forecasts on the spot for photo sessions, simply because I asked (I’m not making it up, this really happened!).

So, you see, I may not have a “team” in the conventional sense, but I am certainly not alone!

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