Why: The Motivation Behind Persuasion Photography

One of the biggest questions I had to ask myself when re-branding my business was, “What do you love about your job- and why do you love it?”  Digging deeply into the motivation (or the “why” behind my business wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I felt as if I were lying on a leather sofa while being repeatedly asked “how do you feel about that?” I’m only partially joking. The process was very cathartic, and I learned much about myself. These 2, simple questions bared my soul, and revealed Persuasion Photography’s chief motivation:

1. What Do I Want to be Known For?

Obviously, we want to be known for blessing our clients with a memorable experience, and top quality products- but there’s so much more this business needs to bring to the world. We want people to associate us with: flights of imagination, incredibly romantic portraits that look like they’re straight from a storybook, an ethereal glow that echoes the way the world feels when you’re in love, and an experience in which the couple remembers focusing on each other more than on a camera.

2. Why Do I Care About Those Things?

This one was hard for me to say aloud. I care so deeply about the romantic aspect of relationships because I regret many of my own decisions and wish I’d saved more new experiences for my the love of my life. Everyone deserves that feeling. I want my couples to have an over-the-top, romantic experience that I dreamed of, but cheated myself out of getting. Like many “good girls” I abandoned my daydreams when I left home. By the time I met my husband, I’d cheated us out of the experience of the slow fall, the meaningful kisses, and the “newness” of our milestones. I do not want a single one of my clients to feel that way! I want to celebrate their romance, reward patience, and give them swoon-worthy memories!

These two very personal questions have made a big difference in other aspects of my life as well; it’s helped me put a name on many emotions, problems, passions, and values. Knowing, naming, and owning the things that life throws at you are crucial aspects of being a confident, healthy, alluring woman…those are very “persuasive” qualities, indeed!

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