Love Letter Themed Boudoir Session

The joy of boudoir doesn’t lie in simply celebrating femininity- although that in itself is rewarding- it rests in emotional storytelling. Today we’re sharing a boudoir session inspired by love letters. As wedding photographers, we adore the wedding day tradition of the bride and groom expressing their hearts through written word before the ceremony- that very tradition spawned this boudoir story.

Notice, we keep using the term “story,” because that is what we feel a boudoir session is all about; we approach each client’s time with her tale in mind. Sometimes the plot is about vulnerability to a loved one, other times it’s a celebration of self-love… the possibilities are endless! For this particular boudoir session, we focused on the experience of reading a love letter. Although we live in a day and age where we enjoy quick communication, easy travel, and convenient ways to connect, there is something almost transcendent about the power of a hand-written letter (particularly when the heart is involved!).

Bear with us for an example of storytelling can be seen in this boudoir session. Notice how our model goes from reading, to daydreaming, then reading again in a more relaxed and open manner? From there, she changes her lingerie to reflect her willingness to be vulnerable with her lover (and/ or comfortable with herself). Finally, she displays joy, playfulness, and sensuality through the interaction with the rose petals. On a much more pragmatic note, you can also see the journey of how we like to grow our clients’ confidence throughout the session: we focus details such as hands, then interacting with a camera, and finally, revealing more skin (only if the client wishes). The plot is subtle, and the lovely images can simply be taken at face value. However, we believe in crafting a customized boudoir experience that is intentional and reflects each client’s journey they’ve chosen to share with us.

Not every boudoir session needs to be an abstract journey like this one! Sometimes, the story is as simple as taking time for yourself with your morning coffee while dressing for the day. Next week we will give you a practical insight on everything about our boudoir sessions so you can stop worrying, and start telling your story!

Model: Fiona Battersby

Skirt: Rose Red Bridal Designs

Hair: Emily Cohen

Makeup: Kasey Acuff

Calligraphy: Rachel Ragsdale

Styling: Amanda Evaul Writesman

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