Turning a House Into a Home: Prayers for Your House

Here in the blog, we’ve been talking about Money Pit Manor; previously, I showed pictures of our gutted rooms after the “flood” (click here to see the house tour of our brand new home before we had our first homeowner nightmare).  This week, we’re addressing the most important question you may feel when you move into your first nest- how can you make this place feel like home? For me, the simplest answer was to invite the Lord into my home! My spiritual mentors all encouraged me to create prayers for the house, go throughout and pray that the Lord would abide here with us.

Upon receiving the keys, I walked through each room, invited God in, prayed for the room’s specific purpose (yes even the bathroom), and poured worship songs into the empty space. When our walls faced demolition, I took the opportunity to write some of these prayers and verses on our new drywall (in pencil) before the new paint went up; these prayers and assurances from the Bible are now literally part of the house! Whether you’re a newlywed, or a 90 year-old single who’s lived in the same home for decades, I want to walk you through the rooms and share some of these prayers for your house.



Ask that joy, hospitality, welcome, healing, and paths to glorify Him in the company you keep will always reign here. Praise Him that because He covers you, Satan has no place in the house. Whenever you pass through this transitional zone, request that He erase all footholds the enemy will try to create. Ask that joy, healing, and generosity will always be felt by the company you host here.

Living room

Ask that your family will always find joy in each other and build each other up here. If you’re new to the area, request friends to fill the space. Pray for opportunities to bless those who enter.


Thank Him for providing for you in good times and lean. Ask for joy in the daily grind of household chores for the family/ guests you’ve been gifted. I especially asked for gratitude, and joy because I don’t like cooking! It’s where it’s easiest for me to feel hopeless and like I’m accomplishing nothing with my life.

Dining room

Ask for strong family foundations and deep bonds to be built in the dining room.


Much the same as the kitchen…. I asked for a rejuvenated attitude in the heart of my chores. I prayed that He would help me be an example of service and praise for my kids.


Seek ways to honor Him in our finances, jobs, and daily stewardship choices.

Kids’ Rooms

I covered these rooms in requests for protection and safety from the enemy! Also, I begged for them to love Him with all their hearts, to be given a heart of obedience to Him, a contentment in that obedience, unshakable faith, and fulfilling lives spent pursuing Him. Finally, I prayed for their good health, for great childhood memories, purity, and the knowledge that they are deeply loved.

Master Bedroom

I prayed for our marriage: good communication, warm hearts towards each other, compassion, forgiveness, healing, protection, rest, and comfort.

Master Bath

I thought of all the time I’ve wasted trying to“fix” the girl in the mirror. I prayed for confidence, assurance of my value in Him, and self-love.

Kid bathrooms

Honestly, these were some selfish prayers! I’ve cleaned so much vomit and poorly aimed urine off bathroom walls that it isn’t even funny. I prayed for great health, hearts of service in my kids, and patience on my part!!

Prayers for your house may not add any decorative value, but it certainly established these four walls as home. If you prayed over your home, please let us know what you thought of the experience- we’d love to hear from you!


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