Tips For Beautiful Bridal Portraits

Ah, an iconic image of a bridal portraits of the bride getting ready in her boudoir. I bet you’ve daydreamed about this more than you realize. Flowers and mimosas mingle in the air as you slip into the swishing layers of your wedding dress, your mother laces up the gown, a grandmother lovingly clasps her pearls around your neck, and you are enfolded in the fabrics that officially transform you into a queen.

I’m going to let you in on a little trade secret… this moment doesn’t happen by itself! Your photographer has to orchestrate the process. I want to share the tools you need to help your photographer deliver the bridal portraits of your dreams.

1. Where you get dressed really, really matters…. a lot!

When planning where to dress for the wedding, remember to think big! A group of women getting dolled up- not to mention excited loved ones popping in every 5 seconds- quickly fills a room. In order to cut down on down body heat, jostling, and a photographer in your personal bubble, a spacious room is key.

2. Let there be light!

Ugly, artificial light is a bride’s worst enemy. It’s orange, it’s blue, it’s unflattering. Look for as much natural light as possible (windows, and patio accesses).

3. Clean Up!

You can’t always control your dressing room, but you can control its appearance! Basically, be a minimalist neat freak. I bet your vision doesn’t include a scene littered with water bottles, half-finished plates full of the brunch buffet, shoe boxes, wires from hair curlers, duffles spilling their contents, and discarded dress bags. Ten minutes before we begin portraits of the bridal party in cute little robes, have everyone tidy the area, and store personal effects out of sight. (Click here for more life-saving tips to stay organized on the wedding day)

4. Location, location, location!

Finally, be aware that if dressing room situation isn’t one that can accommodate the beautiful portraits you’re paying for, we may get you “half dressed”, and relocate for the finishing touches (such as, buttoning up, and the jewelry). Regardless of where you dress, we highly encourage all people who are not in the portrait to exit the room for a few minutes; this provides space, privacy, and focus.

Bonus: Standard hangers aren’t very photogenic… consider splurging for a special hanger that will really do your dress justice. A pack of basic, wooden hangers from Wal-Mart it will really elevate the look of your dressing space.

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