Victorian Venue in Memphis: The Woodruff-Fontaine House

I absolutely adore beautiful, old homes full of character and lavish details. I discovered a Memphis wedding venue filled with all of above- The Woodruff-Fontaine House and Museum! It’s is lovely, and has numerous places for dramatic wedding portraits. Anne Shirley would definitely have approved of this grand, Victorian venue! This property is ideal for a Downton Abbey or Gatsby inspired wedding!


The most exciting thing about this home is the fantastic, 3 storied staircase! Whether taken from above or below… this would be a glorious spot for capturing a bride’s descent with her veil and gown flowing in its full glory!

Can’t you just picture a first look approach with the groom in the center of the first floor, while looking up as his bride floats down the stairs and into his arms?!


The parlor is another space that abounds with possibilities! The windows, latticed floors, and intricately carved nooks are worthy of Pemberly.

A ceiling straight out of Beauty and the Beast!!

Even though this nook is currently decked in mourning (a seasonal exhibition around Halloween)… imagine how glorious this spot will be when the shutters are open and the black is stripped away. It’s perfect for individual portraits, or a stolen kiss bathed in soft light.

A small, but elegant corner with my favorite hues- rose and blush.

Personally, my favorite feature of the mansion is the veranda!!


The marble, checked floors bring a touch of Versaille to the South….

The haint blue ceilings are absolutely iconic! I have a “thing” for blue porches.

Here’s another romantic vista for a first look and portraits- sheltered by “something blue.”

Since the property is a historic preservation, the house is limited to portraits only. Events space is in the carriage house and the grounds.

The bride’s room has a lovely screen and sweet furniture that I adore! Again…. pink makes me happy.

Usually the groom’s suit isn’t a big deal- however, at this venue, his space is to die for!

I actually like it better than the bridal quarters. Exposed brick, much better lighting, and masculine yet elegant furnishings.

Directly below the suits are indoor ceremony/ reception sites. I adore the beams and the whitewashed, antique bricks!

The grounds are a wealth of photographic potential!

Bonus! For small events of under 50, this darling chapel space (with gloriously flattering light) is also an option!



If you are longing for Downton Abbey, but can’t cross the ocean, I definitely think The Woodruff-Fontaine House is a Memphis wedding venue that is well worth a tour!

P.S. If you want to know more about choosing a wedding dress to match your theme/ venue, check out this destination bridal session.





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