Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

If you have a pet who is a member of the family, you may want to find a special way to include your pet in your wedding. I was not a “pet person” until recently- somehow, one tiny kitten that I met while making a venue post, bloomed into five cats, and I adore each of them! Pets have shared our milestones, they often mark a significant step in your relationship if you have a shared pet with your fiancé, and or maybe you’re leaving the family pet of your youth behind when you marry and leave home- or perhaps you just can’t resist seeing your fur baby in a tiny tux.

1. For Party Animals

By far, the cutest way to show your shared love for your pet is by including him/ her in the ceremony. If your furry friend is mannerly, consider making him a dapper ring-bearer, or bestowing the title of flower girl on her. A floral collar or tiny bow tie is simply too charming to resist!


2. For Homebodies

If it’s not practical for your pet to be present, there are still sweet ways to keep them close. The bride can carry a pendant with the bouquet, or wear a locket with a picture enclosed.  Similar to the ideas for honoring your family (more about that here), the groom can feature a sidekick in his accessories such as tie clips, cuff links, or even embroidered socks.


These are merely a few, simple ways to include your pet in your wedding. Your wedding is the ultimate celebration of family legacies- no matter how many legs they have.

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