What to Pack in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

As a wedding professional, I’ve seen my fair share of bridal worries and woes. Every bride needs a wedding day emergency kit! It never fails, there are always last minute emergencies at weddings. Straps pop, blisters make an unwelcome appearance, hair falls, wine spills, people get dehydrated… and there never seems to be enough pins for the boutonnieres. How does one cope?

An easy, solution is to prepare an “emergency kit” and delegate its care to one of your bridesmaids; your mom and maid of honor already have a lot on their plate, so entrust it to another friend (for more ways to shower your family with thoughtfulness on the big day, check out these ideas) .

By providing this safety net, you’re putting your mind at ease and avoiding potential stress. The following adage may sound cliche and old-fashioned, but it’s so true, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Grab a tackle box or a ’90s style Caboodle– yes, they’re back!!- and clear your path. Here is my list of no-fail, tried and true items that never cease to be in demand on a wedding day:

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Small water bottles: nothing ruins the day like dehydration! Avoid headaches, discomfort, nausea, and passing out at the altar!

Granola/ Protein Bars (like a Cliff bar): no one likes to be “hangry.” Protein is filling and lasts longer than carbs.

High Fiber Fruit such as apples, or dried apricots: these provide healthy sugars to provide bursts of energy without the crash.

Tylenol/ Advil: hopefully, if you pack the items above, you won’t need this!

Non-drowsy allergy meds: lovely bouquets, romantic gardens, historic mansions…. allergens galore.

Tissues: Happy tears only!

Blister Bandaids: those gorgeous heels don’t feel as great as they look.

Period supplies: if you get enough women in one place, this is bound to be necessary.

White chalk: miraculously cover stains and smudges on your dress with a few scribbles.

Stain wipe/ pen: if you can erase a stain rather than just cover it- even better!

Sewing kit: sartorial accidents happen.


Safety Pins

Duct tape

Double sided tape

Mounting tape

Mounting hook: there never seems to be enough space for hanging dresses and bags. Make your own!

Blotting tissues




Clear nail polish



Colgate whisps

Boutonniere pins… because no one can ever find them!

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