5 Moments You’re Forgetting on Your Shot List

Last week, we discussed how providing your photographer with a shot list can save time during family portraits. Today, we’re going into more detail about the shot list itself, and the special moments you may have forgotten. When families join, there is so much history, and emotion involved that it is easy to overlook photo opportunities. This shot list is geared specifically toward those moments.

1. Before the Dress

Before the dress is donned, and those iconic bridal portraits are in progress, slow down for a sensual moment of yourself in your trousseau. All of our wedding services include a day-of boudoir mini-session because we’ve consistently seen how much clients treasure these images later. We work with your planner to create fifteen minutes of privacy and calm in which you can truly savor the moments leading up to your transformation into a bride. It is a fun surprise for your new spouse after the honeymoon is over and “real life” begins, or as a first Valentine’s Day gift.


2. Flower Girls

Don’t forget the special young ladies in your life! Remember when we discussed how to honor family at your wedding? Here is another fantastic way to do that! You are the star or those little girls’ day- and their awe will make you feel like a princess! Some of my favorite images from my own wedding are of my darling little daughter/ flower girl reveling in mommy’s grandeur. (Image courtesy of Brenda Upton Photography. For more pictures from my own, Christmas wedding, click here).

3.Dad Just Before the Aisle

This is a must-have on the shot list! In addition to a father’s First Look, the moment just before walking down the aisle is a priceless. It’s easy to overlook this special emotion in the midst of this chaotic slice of your day. We implore you to make a second to be fully present, it is so worthwhile!

4. First dance On-Lookers

Everyone’s eyes are on the couple for the first dance; however, another shot list necessity is happening off the dance floor. On-lookers beam with affection you will miss while dancing; you deserve to enjoy their reactions in your wedding day memories.

5. After the Recession

In the first few moments of being married, there are usually stolen hugs, kisses, and celebratory laughter. The joy and tenderness of the moment shouldn’t go unnoticed! If possible, we like to use our “zoom” lenses for this moment so that our couple can enjoy this victory privately.

These are five of the top wedding day moments you should work into your shot list! Please share with us one of your must-have, underrated moments so that we can continue building the best resources for our Persuasion family.

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