What to Expect at a Boudoir Session

Today, we’re tackling a very popular concern: what to expect at a boudoir session (at least, as a Persuasion client).  As you know, we believe in celebrating marriage, and the joy of embracing one’s femininity; the best way we’ve found to serve our clients with those things in mind is through the boudoir experience. You can see an example of one of our favorite sessions here. You have seen our work, you know why we have a heart for boudoir- now, we will dive into the real reason you’re probably reading this post: what to expect at a boudoir session.

Once a client- or “Persuasive Woman”- reserves her session, we immediately begin dreaming up her ideal experience with her. During the planning phase it’s important to schedule a face-to-face meeting either in person or online, so that a trusting relationship can be established before the date. We discuss outfit choices, comfort zones, insecurities to avoid, and any special customization she may want to include.


What actually happens behind closed doors during the session, itself? Whether you’ve chosen to attend a session in our in-home studio, or at a previously agreed upon location, we follow the same routine so all of our clients enjoy a consistent experience. First, you are treated to something bubbly while we spend a few minutes finalizing the outfits and details you’ve brought. Generally, we advise one or two outfits (depending on whether you’ve chosen a 60 or 90 minute session) and either a cardigan or button up shirt- layers like shirts or skirts are fantastic choices. Once your selections are finalized, you are given privacy to change into your first outfit- those layers come in handy because you can start with a cardigan over your lingerie in order to get comfortable with being in front of the camera. Ladies, let us clarify that the first ten minutes of your session will probably feel awkward no matter what- you’re 100% normal! We will coach you, direct you, and adjust you as much as you need so that you do not feel like a deer in the headlights. We often begin with simple portraits of a client looking out of a window while cuddling in her cardigan or counting the layers of a tulle skirt so that your hands have a job and so you can converse as we shoot. Before you know it, you will be well adjusted to the session and ready to either remove a layer or change clothes. Again, you will be coached, but at this point you’ve likely found the motions and poses that make you feel the most glorious- if not, you are still 100% normal and we’ve got you covered! Finally, if our lady has decided she’d like to be draped in the sheets for some portraits, we will end with these. Before your session, we discuss how many layers a client wants to remove- you will never be put on the spot or asked to go beyond your comfort level! Please note that, like classic art, implied or tastefully partial nudity is as far as we go- graphic portraits are beyond the comfort and aesthetic of the Persuasion experience!

We hope that you have a much better idea of what to expect at a boudoir session, and that you feel reassured enough to pamper yourself if you’ve been on the fence. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call if you still have questions about boudoir sessions!

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